During my time in the US Army, we often had little sayings that made sense and made me think about tactical situations. Years later, I’ve learned to put these same rough phrases into real world motivational mantras. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Complacency Kills – In combat, it means getting comfortable drops your defenses and brings exposure to real danger. As a life mantra, it means never getting so comfortable with your life’s situation that you fail to challenge yourself to do more. Get uncomfortable and endure healthy stress. Exercising, donating time where it challenges your schedule, public speaking or choosing a financial plan that cuts out some comforts and pads your savings are some perfect ways to curb complacency. Staying just a little uncomfortable is a good thing!

One Team, One Fight – In my army days, it meant that everyone had the same objective even if different approaches, so we worked together. As a life mantra, it is the cornerstone of any workplace or group idea. At home, it reminds parents and families to not undercut each other. Its good to use to remind organization and club members to set down differences and focus on mission statements. For work groups, it helps everyone pull their weight for the common goal. There is true power in numbers!

Stay Alert, Stay Alive – Back then, it meant to keep your senses sharp and focused for dangers. As a life mantra, I use it to find opportunities because opportunities rarely make themselves known. Ever miss a good sale simply because you only glossed over the ad? Ever look past a great job because you didn’t really know what the employer wanted? How about screwing up your schedule because you didn’t read the email right? Stay alert! You never know when the best opportunities will come along or when attention to details will help you.

These are just a few of my favorite hold over statements and have proven useful to keep my life in good working order. I hope you find some use in them!

Rory Andes
for Lgbtqprisonsupport.com