Each day, our day room is full of gamblers and hustlers. There is absolutely nothing in place to either stop them, or change them. Nothing. They sit in the day room all day like this because there isn’t enough for them to be required to do. Many will sleep in until 10am and run the card table all day. Now with most major sports games playing on TV again, there is one more thing to gamble on. One of these slick mouthed heathens was overheard on a monitored video visit today telling his “fat girl” (his words) that she needs to “work harder in school because I need you to get a job that can pay for me, too”. Monitored visits. They’re unchecked menaces to society and while they are in the right place in prison, nothing is requiring them to change. People who change in this prison do it without incentive. People who change in this prison do so for the act of personal development and for your safety. So how can I possibly make a case for parole? Simple…

If there is a real consequence for crime (prison), then shouldn’t we have a real consequence for change (parole)? Without the latter, the state warehouses people, up to many decades of unchanged behaviors, and creates no real citizens. Why are you paying for this??? What invokes more fear, the initial crime or years of refined, warehoused criminals who’ve not been required to change and THEN get out? Remember, 97% of inmates leave prison at some point. Demand that they be different than when they went in and hold your government accountable. Your money and safety are on the line and if there is a consequence for change, you might have better neighbors, less expensive prison costs and limited government overhead, and a real change in the communities that crimes are dominating. Parole is one in a giant pile of options to change the dynamics of prison in this state, but something needs to be done to require a change. If you’re feeling impassioned by criminal justice reform, demand your legislators to enact real programs and parole systems to create better people and to save your money. What you have now is just burning through your tax dollars and not making you any safer in the end. You can’t demand police reform and ignore the back end of the equation…

by Rory Andes

Over-incarceration doesn’t work. Warehousing doesn’t work. Demand change!

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