Waking up early, standing outside at 6:30am, waiting in the frosty green grass with a pooper scooper for the Summit Assistant dog’s to go potty. Looking at the horizon I can tell its going to be a beautiful day. I’m thankful to be alive and healthy. Breathing deep the fresh chilly morning, everything is still and quiet in the prison court yard, only the puppies sniffing around looking for a good place to potty.

I hear birds singing perched on the edge of our living unit, they watch the dog’s. Seagulls swaying, circulating above. One lands on top of a nearby light pole. The sky is changing, pink swirling bluish white from the outline of the Cascade Mountains, blending up into the darkness.

I can see across the valley above the fairgrounds, house lights shimmer, red lights flashing from high towers. I watch early morning commuters on Hwy 2. I try to guess where their going, and wonder what kind of music they might be listening to. I miss driving, I even miss a good traffic jam………..maybe not.

Dog doodie is done, happy puppies head back to the warm living unit. I hang back to enjoy the early morning solitude for a little longer.

I love my life. I get to choose my attitude and how I respond to things, good or bad. Thank you to everyone around the world for being apart of my life. Have a beautiful day.

P.S. I love Chris Stapleton’s ” Tennessee Whisky” song !

Marshall Byers
for www.lgbtqprisonsupport.com