I am 6 months to the gate (until I release from prison). I am nervous as all hell and sometimes its all I can do to not chew my nails down to the cuticles. Instead I have taken up a hobby or two that I can practice in short spurts, stretching. Sounds weird, but, it’s what helps me cope for some odd reason. lol. I know, weird right?

As my potential day draws nearer and I realize I have a lot of learning left to do I can’t help but be thankful. Prison, despite all the negative energy it exudes into our world, has given me a place to reinvent myself. I am unapologetic and unembarrassed about that.

That’s what we’re suppose to do in prison, deeply reflect and spark a change.

Now that I am ready to go home, wherever that may be these days, I understand I have to relearn everything about living. I am ready for the challenge and can’t wait to interact with the world with a new me. The world out there, from what I can see, is going to be a beautiful place. Can’t wait.

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