Not much gets me going the way hateful Christians can. Let me say this; I am a Christian, meaning I follow the covenant of Jesus the Christ, I believe He was God in the flesh and my sins are forgiven. Period, no one is going to change that.

Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus preach hate, or oppression. But we have people who are using Christianity as a means to protect their right to hate a whole culture. HELLO! We cant help that we are gay, do you know what that means? That means your a racist, a bigot. Someone who is full of hate towards a specific group of people. Does that sound like Christian values? 

I am not going to pick apart my brothers and sisters shortcomings and flaws. I am going to lift them up in prayer and ask that our Father grant me mental and emotional fortitude and stability for the remainder of my time here on this plain. 

What benefit do you get from hate? Even if you cloak it with “I love you but hate your sin…” WHAT? So you hate all people then, right? Because the Christian bible I read says that all fall short of perfection, meaning that every one of us is going to meet God as a sinful creature. Oh, but your sin or your childrens sin is “unintentional” therefore more forgivable…keep telling yourself that. Our most righteous and sinless moments are still as filthy rags, yet, you still make yourself above me saying your sins are less then mine.

I am not in sin because I am gay. There are more than 1500 animal species that we know of that have homosexuality in its culture. I suppose God will condemn them for their abominable nature. Get with the program! Animals know no sin, they have no choice but to act out their created and intended natures. Yes, that means that God made them that way…gasp! If God made homosexuality in the animal kingdom then He made it in us too. 

To my beloved LGBTQ community: God doesn’t hate you, and He doesn’t want you to hate Him or His ignorant and blind children. He provided reconciliation 2000+ years ago… Don’t be bothered with the devils lies, follow Christ and receive life, let no one on this plain deter us from living happy and beautiful lives.

I was set free by God. That works for me and my quest for peace. I hope that each person who reads this gets set free from the tyranny of a hateful heart. I love you all and will spend the rest of my life serving you so I can perhaps bring some part of peace into your lives through love and the love I have received from God Himself. 

Feel free to write,
Your Brother In Chains

Jeff Utnage #823469
Stafford Creek Correction Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA 98520