Transgender Public Restroom Use: Right or Wrong?

No matter how you think or where your opinion stands on transgender individuals you can’t deny that this is happening. Men and women around the globe from all walks of life and all races are getting gender reassignment surgery. This is fact.

Naturally this will bring up the question “which bathroom do you use if you feel that you have the wrong gender assignment?” That’s a good question. One that needs to be addressed right here and now.

First, what’s the problem? Are we worried that people are going to take advantage of women in the restroom by seeing something inappropriate? What other problem could there be? I have heard politicians say things like “what about our schools, this is obviously where the most danger lies”. How utterly ridiculous!

Second, is it really the privacy issue here or is it some politicians personal bigotry and/or phobias. You can call it freedom of religion all you want to, but if that’s the case then Charles Manson and David Caresh (don’t know if that’s how you spell that psycho’s name or not…do’t care, you know who im talking about!) were simply practicing freedom of religion. The implications of that statement bring on all kinds of feelings don’t they? It’s lunacy to think that they are all in the same boat under the same umbrella, but in this case they are.

Think for yourself, don’t listen to some jacked up highly opinionated political wannabe who has a phobia of differences. Our schools are in no more danger with trangender men and women using the correct bathrooms. In fact, the rarety of this occuring is pretty high to my understanding. Since it is so rare then the school administration is going to know about each and every one now aren’t they. If they don’t then shame on them. This type of person is going to be ridiculed and teased and tormented and bullied and all kinds of things and will need the full support of staff to make it through emotionally stable. 

Administration should be in full support of this. It’s not the transgendered individuals fault if some perverted teenage boys take advantage of the situation, besides, they will be found out so quickly they will hardly have the chance to see anything besides their own dissappointment. Sorry to tell you fella’s, they’re just crapping. Yup, they do that too.

Get over it America! If you are that worried about using a public restroom with a transgendered women, then carry some mace with you and if they start contorting their bodies to look under the stall, mace their asses. but I highly doubt your on their mind considering that they are also getting used to you. 

Has anyone stopped to consider their feelings? Have you even tried to be in their shoes? Do you have the capacity to see life from their eyes? Think about it, you are born with male genitalia, but you know inside that it doesn’t belong there. You know that when you use the men’s bathroom your in the wrong one and when you put on mens clothes and are addressed as a man you know that it’s wrong. The same goes for a woman who knows that she is male inside.

As if they aren’t already in enough turmoil, the issue shouldn’t be which bathroom to use. It should be why aren’t we supporting the happiness and emotional stability of our fellow people?

It’s called compassion, perhaps we could try it.

With Love

Jeff Utnage