Diversification: Finally being done voluntarily!

I work in prison, as in, I get .42 cents/hr to cook for two thousand people. Well, me and six other guys on my shift. We all enjoy what we do and usually you only get to be a cook if you show some level of responsibility and care. Meaning that you take the job seriously. Most guys have the attitude of “I ain’t gon’ work for dis money, I gon’ make dis money work for me” then they proceed to duck and dodge their bosses so that they only have to kick it for the day. Then when they successfully go a full day without working, it’s a congratulations from their partners for a job well done. Getting over on the man.
Meanwhile, they don’t understand that the other inmates that are working are picking up their end silently. Because snitching isn’t going to happen. So, when you become a cook it’s because the other cooks have seen you actually work. Consistently.
However, over time this position has been somewhat closed off. Many guys felt that it was only for particular races. Specificially, whites and mexicans. So when the boss came to me recently and said that an african american was hired, I was a little surprised. Not because I was racially biased, but that was certainly the rumor. I was actually kind of glad that equality was being forced. I like the idea of equality, mainly because now I have been on the receiving end of bigotry. I hate racism and inequality. It sucks when you are judged for something that you have no control over and having experienced that I am not a fan of that.
There are many guys here that want to keep things in the old school mentality. Meaning, segregation is the way to go. So when something like this happens in a place where segregation is the norm, I am delighted. Mainly because…screw them. They don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to bigotry. It’s always the same excuses to hate. Oh something happened when I was a little kid, or this or that, or some other traumatic thing that is being held onto for a crutch.
Now, I know that there are many people who have a legitimate experience that was negative with a particular group of people. However, that was probably with one, or two people at most. Two people hardly represent an entire culture. That is precisely my point though, it sucks that something happened to make you feel that way. However, sweetie…it’s time to get over it. Get some help and see the people around you for the people that they really are. Most people are generally good people. Besides, have you had time to look in the mirror lately? I can guarantee that as much respect as you give those around you, there are many things that you do that are completely out of line.
Bigotry is dying people. I don’t care if its against a race, or someone’s sexuality or because they have red or blond hair…it don’t matter. Hatred is hatred and only gives birth to anger and torrent. Nothing good came of hatred. Give it up. So I am so happy that we are diversifying and its about time. Equality One, hatred Zip. Good for you kitchen…good for you.

With Love

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