Gay Symbolism: What I Learned About Us

Recently a friend of mine, at my request, sent me a print out of all the modern symbols for homosexuality. Actually, what I got what those plus much more. I found out what all those extra letters meant in the LGBTQGQPAI, or something like that. I was actually shocked at what some of them meant. Not in a bad way, just kinda like…oh..I had no idea!
But honestly, it made sense. Homo-sexuality is it’s own specific meaning now. It’s not just an encompassment of all things not straight. It means a person who is attracted to the same sex. But there is so much more. For instance, I am a huge fan of androgyny. I believe in being able to look fantastic in an attire that a female would typically wear. Or at the very least in fabric that is usually set aside for feminine clothing lines, like nylon, or silk. Whatever, you get my point.
Back to the topic. On one of those pages there was a pink triangle and another pink triangle with the Jewish Star behind it. I read the caption and learned that during the war when the concentration camps were being filled it wasn’t just Jews being put in them. In fact, the Nazi’s would put a pink triangle on the garments of homo-sexuals and on the homosexuals that were Jewish, they would put the pink triangle with the Jewish Star behind the pink triangle. To “mark” the homo-sexuals that were enslaved.
When I think of concentration camps I never associated homosexuality with them. I knew that Adolph Hitler was a bad man who had ideas of race purity and all that non-sense, but I had no idea he had put gays in camps, then proceeded to kill them by the thousands…how tragic.
But, that is new information for my arsenal of our rich history. When I previously thought of our fight, meaning our fight for equality, I thought that it was something recent. Something that perhaps started with the Stonewall Riots or similar actions. It had never crossed my mind that two or three generations ago there were people being slaughtered for their sexuality.
This keeps me in line that I am not doing nothing new. We are not simply creating a movement, we are not apart of a new idea or a new movement that has only been going on for a few decades…no…we are simply carrying on a battle that has been fought for a very long time. We have so much farther to go as a culture for acceptance. Much farther than we think in my opinion. We just gained acceptance of our complete existence. So many people have denied that we are born different. Now that new information is coming forth people are being educated about what we new a long time ago.
No..nothing new, but it is our duty to grab that torch lit so many years ago and continue on. Our country was baptized in blood to be created and apparently so were we. I don’t want that to go to waste. That spirit has always been in us. To stand against the odds of everyone around us and stand firm.

We are a people strong, we have rich genuine history. A history in which I am enthralled with. If anyone has any more information about our history. I would love to learn about it. This is just proof that there is so much more that I have to be educated about… I want to learn it all

Thanks for listening.

With Love,

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