Presidential Candidacy: Who The Heck Do We Vote For?

I have been attempting to follow the debates and who the candidates are and the latest drama and all that. It’s been tough though because, as usual, all the candidates are slinging mud at each other. So I have been trying to figure things out in my own mind who I would vote for, if I could, seeing as how I am in prison, my vote doesn’t matter. However, my opinion does.
I got to thinking about Donald Trump and his ridiculous petition to run as president and more importantly, why? Why the hell would one of the richest and most powerful people want to run for president? He already has more power then the president with more people. He has a huge following and huge amounts of money. So I figure he’s running because he wants to get that last notch in his belt. He needs to conquer. His career has been based on being able to get what he wants. He has indeed built an empire, and what is an empire if you have conquered the whole world. It seems as though he couldn’t be any more powerful then he already is, unless he was President too. So I have my theory on that, and I can respect that mindset. It’s hard to lie to everyone when you are pretty transparent.
If we know that you are running for selfish ambition and not some koom-by-ya b.s. that no one believes anyway at least we know who the heck we are dealing with. For that reason he gets my artificial vote. Now for the Democratic vote I, of course, am rooting for Hillary Clinton. I say that for the same reasoning. She is the underdog. I have heard repeatedly that no one trusts her. How can you not, at least he laundry is aired. The only difference between her and her competitors is that her laundry is out there and theirs is still hidden. Again, at least we know who we are dealing with with her. She has accomplished so much as a woman in her lifetime and this is kinda the “last stop” for her. At least in my opinion. If she were to become president she would have conquered the “gender gap” and that is something that I am a huge proponent of. It’s about time that we close the inequality of politics and start recognizing a women’s ability to be able to organize and lead effectively.
I believe that her being in office would be a feat in itself and would at the very least obligate her to make changes.
I know virtually nothing about the other candidates for either side. I have my own personal beliefs about politics but they are no value in this discussion. Because I don’t know anything about them and I do know ‘something’ about Hillary and Donald I at least have some connection to them. If I could read the internet at will (I am in prison, so the internet is obviously not available to me…) I may know more about each of the candidates but honestly, I don’t think I would even bother learning about them. Why? Because it’s knowledge that will only be necessary if they start becoming real. When it comes down to brass tax and I know that some no name I have never heard of starts getting a whole crap ton of press time, then I guess it’s time to start figuring out who the hell they are. Maybe.
That’s politics for me though, there are so many aspects of our country’s offices that they are impossible to follow with any amount of truth that can be trusted. The bottom line is, I don’t trust our country’s leadership. Between Hollywood and the secrecy of our government I have absolute zero trust in our country’s political integrity. Who’s fault is that but theirs. So when I see someone who’s faults are clearly seen, they are up front and aired in their entirety, guess what, that means that they are finally human…they made mistakes and guess what they probably learned from them.
We are never going to find a perfect person from birth to run this country. Sorry to burst your bubble, but we learn from mistakes, large and small. Whether you want to admit it or not makes no difference, it’s still truth.