Come As You Are

I was reading the bible this morning and a revelation came to me, not like the shining bright light or strange voices that come from seemingly nowhere. No, much smaller than that. I was reading Matthew and the story of the master who left and gave three servents money to use to get him more money while he is gone. He gave one five, another two and another one…each one according to his ability. When he returned he collected what his servants did with his money, the one who had five had five more, likewise with the one who had two but the one who he gave only one jsut simply returned his one, no interest. The master was upset with the last one because he didn’t do anything with the one piece of money, he simply hid it, afraid he may lose it or whatever his reasoning was. 
In my opinion, this is God dealing with us. He has doled out a measure to each of us. He has put something special in our hearts and given us talents and characteristics that he knows we will need for our lives, not just as ministers of God, but as a human race. How do you think art got instilled in us? Do you think that God doesn’t enjoy music either, only harps and flutes? God is the creator of those things and he has given us those talents to use to be happy, enjoy ourselves and spread that joy. We are happiest when we do things that we enjoy!! DUH! God wants us to be happy. Happy with Him, not away from him. 
This is reinforced in 1 Corinthians 7. Paul is speaking to the Corinthians and telling them that they should stay as they were called. “were you called while uncircumsized, then do not become circumsized…were you called while a slave, then be a slave for Christ’s sake…” 
This doesn’t mean that we are to stay the sinners that we were, as children of God we are going to naturally perform what we are being taught, you will be known by your fruits. Who’s child are you, a child of the light or dark, we’ll find out very quickly…
As you are saved you will be taught from the Holy Spirit, He will guide you into good things, using your conscious to guide you. Example of what I am talking about: Were you called as a gay man? Were you called as a person assigned the wrong gender? These are things that we cannot change…this part of us is not up to us, what is up to us is to walk with God, as we are. Not as the things that we can change, like stealing or having wild crazy sex all the time. But the things that we have no choice in, God has called you right now, as a gay man, why seek to change something that is beautiful? God called you asa gay man, and He wants to love you…as a GAY man! There is no hidden agenda, and preachers so often make this all about the doctrine they are pushing. However if you listen to Jesus, then He tells us very basic commands to follow. In Matthew He says “whatever you do to My children you do to Me. Did you feed strangers when they were hungry, did you clothe a man who was naked, did you love people, did you visit His children in prison (yes that’s a real thing…)?” He says that if you did these things for His name’s sake, then you did them not just to His people, but to Him directly. That’s means the people around you..

Love God, for He loves you.

Jeff Utnage