Presidential Election: Who Do We Vote For?

I have been watching as much of the presidential debates and drama as I can. Which, to be honest, isn’t very much. I am so bored with it because there is nobody who excites me. No one is motivating me. The closest I can muster to say is Trump.
Love him or hate him he is changing politics. This campaign may be hectic for all the presidential hopefuls but it’s because Trump is poking the hornets nest and he is winning. He is using his fame and ability to read situations very skillfully and hopefully someone who can make a real difference is paying attention. I think this is the year that the younger generation is going to finally start paying attention to voting. Because of Trump. Trump has the ability to make voting necessary and cool. He doesn’t have the skill set necessary to be the new Commander-In-Chief, but he has the ego necessary to do the job despite his lack of experience.
I don’t know who should be president. I am neither Republican or Democrat. I don’t really know what either of those mean anyway. I know that they have differences on how the country is ran and I don’t fully agree with either of them. So on one hand I want Hillary Clinton, I think that she is designed for this. The woman has balls and she knows how to take a hit. After all shes been taking them since her husband was in office. Not only did she take the hit, but she did so with grace and ease. On the other hand, I would also like to see Trump in office. I know that he lacks political experience, but I also think that’s why he may just be exactly what this country needs.
You can’t deny that Trump knows how to handle money. He knows how to handle power. Like I said before, at least with Trump we know what his flaws are. We already know what his ulterior motives are. They are plain as day, not like his counter parts who are throwing out every explanation but the real one. I can’t trust any of them because they are trained politicians, liars. We already know that Trump hasn’t prevailed at everything he’s done, his faults have been highly public. But doesn’t that make him the most like us? Doesn’t that make him the most “real”. Who better to represent American society then someone who isn’t perfect but is more than willing to get right back up and fight. Isn’t that the old saying, it’s not how many times you get knocked down but how many times you get back up. We all fall, but who learns from their mistakes?
For the gay community I don’t think that we have a Presidential hopeful right yet, but it’s coming and when it doesn’t it’s going to bring a firestorm, but until then…who gets our vote?
I am very worried about Trumps foreign relations. How is he going to handle North Korea, or Russia? Or how about Iraq. Sure he’s been in battle over finances, but he has never had to hold millions of peoples fates in his hands and make hard line decisions that will literally be life or death for millions….In his defense though, who does have that experience? Who is qualified to represent me and my best interest? Who is going to make a difference that effects our bottom line in America? What is our bottom line anyway?

I can’t vote anyway, but my voice matters and I hope that all of you are interested in the elections…your voice matters and it should be heard no matter what. So pay attention, at least a little and make your vote matter.

With Love,

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