Animal Kingdom: Did God Create Them Or Not?

I got to thinking one afternoon about the animal kingdom. It has been found that there are 1000+ different animal species that engage homosexually in some form. I happen to know that there are several species of animals that will mate for life with the same sex. Where did they learn that? What happened to them as baby animals? LOL! I know that it’s not funny, but it kinda is…to me at least.
Here is where my mind goes. If God created animals and us and everything…then God created animals to be without sin…Right? Do animals sin? I think not. Then, that means that animals that engage in homosexuality must be exempt from that rule. They must be the sinful ones because surely God the Almighty wouldn’t create homosexuality, then who would Christians condemn ( I speak as a very Christian man here btw, I am EXTREMELY in love with Jesus Christ, He is my Lord and Savior)?
Look, if God created animals and animals know no sin, then whatever they do is right. they can’t do wrong, because they don’t know sin. So when an animal mates for life with the same sex animal, it is therefor sinless. Why? Because God created them to do exactly what they are doing, yup, that means be gay too. After all, what other explanation is there? Did they get diddled as baby animals, did their fathers leave them with abandonment issues? Did they not get enough mom attention? Did they watch to much television, did Satan get in their hearts too? What happened? The answer to me is obvious, God made them that way. Which is perfect.

My beloved peers, don’t allow some flawed thinking from someone who needs someone to hate influence who and what you can and can’t believe. God loves you and He created you just the way you are…He hasn’t abandoned you and yeah, life has been tough…no doubt about it. I get it, this coming from a man in prison with a lifetime cap on my sentence…life has been tough folks! However, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have free will, God made that too, so that when we turn to Him it’s because we really need Him and depend on Him. We are capable of some really bad stuff, I know. But we are capable of some really good stuff too. Don’t forget that.

We are capable of love and unselfishness. We can dance and sing and watch tv, we can flirt and hold hands and write crappy poetry. We can blog idiotically (don’t you dare say a word, LOL) we can laugh until we cry and we can cry because we loved. We can care when no one else does. We can help when no one else will, we can be a friend when there is none. That’s God, that’s the Messiah I know, that’s who I have fallen in love with. I don’t care what people think about that…So I believe in something I can’t see…yeah well, some people think you can “cure” a genetic disposition, like homosexuality. Just as crazy.

there is a saying that is painted on the wall here in prison…”Don’t tell me that the skies the limit when there are footprints on the moon” Words to live be I think.

With Love

Jeff Utnage 823469 
Stafford Creek Correction Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA 98520

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