Should You Expect To Be Treated The Same?

Amid recent news about transgender restroom usage and our own experiences of inequality and lack of full acceptance, the question frequents my mind of should I be treated the same as everyone else? Or is it I expect to be treated differently?
There is a movement called “Black Lives Matter”. It’s an important reminder that our fight and struggle for full acceptance and equality isn’t over. At least in the minds and eyes of some it isn’t. Freedom has always and will forever be a state of mind more than it is a physical state. In the eyes and minds of those who feel oppressed we are indeed oppressed and we want something done about it.
The question in my mind is does my life matter? If the ultimate state of mind of equality is to be treated the same as everyone else then why is it we are demanding to be recognized as different? In that case then “All Lives Matter”. After all the struggle for equality is no longer about slavery but a state of mind of a grouping of people. If there is not bigotry against blacks then there is bigotry against gays or women or immigrants or the poor or the rich or newscasters or insert your drama hate here…
I carefully consider my pleas for equality because they can quickly become frivolous and unrealistic. This isn’t to say that the movements that are out there are frivolous, they are far from it. Black lives do matter and because a white cop is intimidated by black men he shouldn’t be trigger happy. That is wrong no matter how you slice it. But when the oppressed get oppressed there are always opportunistic predators that circle the event. Seeking chance to capitalize on someone else’s work.
When a man’s life gets taken needlessly by those who are hired to be level headed thinkers in hard situations it is tragic. But as the oppressed we need to make sure that when we step up we are attempting to protect the oppressed, not the opportunistic. Gay lives matter, transgendered lives matter, black lives matter, latino lives matter…people matter.
I worry that instead of seeking to get equality we lose sight and start seeking special privilege. What does equality look like? What is the end goal? Is there an end goal? Is it clearly defined as something that is attainable? Has anyone taken the time to figure that out or is it just opportunity to express protest?
In order to be taken seriously as a culture we have to act as a culture that is modern. Not just one race or group needs to unite, it needs to be across the board “this is what equality looks like” type of theme

Just my two cents…

stay great