Two Topics Today:
1) Donald Trump SLAYING The Debates Last Night
2) I Need Help With Technology!

I will start with topic #2 first though. What I need help with is the technology part of this website. First off, I don’t have access to it directly so everything that I do is highly limited. What I need is someone who can help make my site more visible. I would like to raise awareness about LGBTQ inmates and get people involved, even if it’s only reading about our struggle and offering verbal support. Many times it’s just nice to see that someone gave a crap long enough to read. However, getting people more involved is what is necessary to invoke change here. Inmates are trying to change on their own, however, sometimes we need a little help with guidance. That’s where you can come in. You values and your compassion can change a world. Just saying.

So if there is anyone who can do some simple things to help bring more attention to this site, please offer some suggestions that a person with no tech exp. can do. My mother updates this and she has never done this, she is a smart lady, but this is new territory for her. I would appreciate some help! 🙂

Topic 1) Donald Trump is a business man. I like him only because he is shaking up politics. Politics is ugly and cumbersome. Those who are usually involved are over-privileged and don’t know a thing about the middle-class. There are whole colleges and degrees associated with how to be a politician. Then here comes Trump and just massacres their game. I LOVE IT! He may be somewhat anti-lgbtq but what he is doing now is paving a pathway for the next group of people to come in in 4 years. He is single-handedly changing the face of politics and thank God for it. DC needs a face lift and I think Trump is just the guy for it.

Think of it this way, if Trump knows businesses. He knows how to make money, that is. If he comes to Presidency as a business minded man, then he will treat the USA as the largest business in the world. Since we all know that his ego is just big enough to think he can run it, we know that he will do everything in his wheelhouse to make the new business money and lucrative for those invested. It just so happens that if we all live in the USA and every American is needing money then that would mean that we need someone in office who knows how to make money…right? Who better to make money then Trump. The guy doesn’t like to fail, we all know that. So, if the USA is a business and we are all residents of that business, that means that we are the employees of that business. The more that business makes, the more it’s employees make…keep that in mind. Bad business, bad money for the employees, good business, good money for the employees. That’s the way that I see it anyway.

I know that Trump has his flaws and his experience in high-level politics is limited to financial donations and rubbing elbows with them long enough to sway their vote. But you know what…we already know that about him. There is no secrets with him that we don’t know about. We know his agenda, we know his strong suits and his weak suits. Why not exploit that for everyone’s benefit? Why not use his talents for the country. Get some money flowing through this joint then replace him in 4 years with someone who has better foreign relation policies who can use Trump’s newly created landscape to promote a healthier presidency and continue his model of efficiency with our money. Wouldn’t that be the smart thing to do. His actions will be clearly seen while he is in office, he won’t be able to hide his actions, so…let him do his thing, then take notes and give it to the next guy. If he does a good job, let him stay. If not, take the good things he does, take notes and pass them along.

With Love

Jeff Utnage 823469 hope to hear from you soon, will reply to everyone that wants one!