I get tired of the same old garbage day in and day out. There are so many “almost’s” in my day that it feels like I am always trying to do something to make a “constant”. I know that sounds kind broad, but it’s the truth. I feel like there is always “almost” a problem, someone “almost” freaked out. Someone “almost” did this or “almost” did that. Whatever almost happened. 
I guess I can just appreciate truth. What is fact? I don’t care if its good bad or indifferent or whatever…but is it honest? That is what I want to know, are you telling me the truth? 
Funny to say this, but people in and out of prison are afraid of conflict. I guess to a certain extent, I am too. Many people, like me, are not wanting to get into physical altercations. However, ever fiber of my being wants people to be brutally, viciously honest with me. I will reciprocate every time with the same. 
If you don’t like me, tell me. If you don’t like this kind of food and I keep making it, tell me. Maybe I am one of the few people that can take critism. I am not afraid to admit a fault. I welcome it, I welcome it to the fullest. Why, because I know that I make mistakes, I am not stupid. I get that I don’t know everything and I do things sometimes that are hairbrained. But so do others. Were not stupid, were human. So it’s ok to be honest. Be brutally honest with everything you do. Even if it’s going to hurt you. You’ll notice something, when you stop lying and just clean out the closet, your free. Furthermore, because you are being honest, you’ll find that lying, just isn’t productive. You won’t do things that you don’t want aired out, why, because your honest and you won’t lie about anything. So don’t do things that you don’t want everyone to know about. 

Anyway, that is my rant for the day. It’s been a long one friends and guess that I just needed a little venting time. Thanks for listening

With Love

Jeff Utnage