Am I Too Sensitive?

When you feel the emotion that someone is giving off it can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Depends on the emotion I guess. If they are angry and you feel that too and allow it to make you angry then that is obviously a bad thing. However, if you feel their elation and joy, and you allow that to effect you then that is a good thing. Obviously there is variables in both of those situations. I try hard not to allow the negative and be an “energy vampire”.
However, you feel emotion and it’s hardly a bad thing. The Bible says in it repeatedly that emotional control is necessary. It doesn’t say that a lack of emotion is necessary. We need this for connecting to others. We need this for feelings. When someone is going through something traumatic and they need a friend, your skills at being able feel what they feel ar handy. 
This is something that I get made fun of for alot because when I cry and need to walk down the tier to blow my nose I get lots of stares. When they ask me what’s wrong i’ll tell them, unashamedly and they make fun of me. I don’t care though. Here’s the thing, blocking my emotion led me to prison. 
The ability to block out what you feel is what brings us to the point where we can commit awful crimes in the first place. How else can you look a vicitim in the eye, or rob someone of their own belongings? You have to turn off your emotions. Therefor, I would rather be sensitive and cry at the drop of a hat then to be emotionally blocked off and be able to go through life without feeling.
It’s this same mentality that leads me to not wanting to take pain medication when I am in pain physically. Like right now, I have a hernia, I understand that I have a tear in my muscle wall and that my lower intestine is falling out, when my muscle tear more, it is extremely painful. Instead of doing surgery, they want to give me IBUProfen. I would rather feel the pain and know exactly how to avoid it then to take an anti-inflammatory and continue to damage it. The same applies for emotions in my book. I would rather feel them and learn to deal with them appropriately then to block them out with some band-aid and not know what to do. This same attitude also allows me to help others get through grief.
Who cares if you are sensitive? Be that! Yes, be the one who everyone goes too because you understand them. That just means that God is using you to shepherd, protect and help His children. Even the broken ones, especially the broken ones. You don’t have to be perfect to be used either, just willing.

Be loving people!

With Love

Jeff Utnage