God’s Time

If I take the time to count all the times I knew God was real…I would run out of time! It was recently asked of me by a new friend how I knew what was next. How did I know that there is a spirit world? Where was I going after this life.
I told him this, that my life begins when my flesh perishes. That I don’t begin eternity until my spirit sheds this mortal body and puts on immortality. That’s when my life begins. This plain, this existence is to teach me that God gave me free will. That I must CHOOSE to love God almighty and to want to love Him in return. When I die, then I start living. So to die is to live and to live…is to die. Then he wanted to know why I KNEW that.
Easy, because how many of us have seen something supernatural. I am not talking about a situation that can be explained by coincidence. I mean something tangible. Unexpected. It’s easy to trick the brain. Just close your eyes in the dark and you’ll see all kinds of stuff that isn’t really there. However, what if you aren’t expecting to see something and you see it. What if more then one person see’s the same thing? When I was younger I made a suicide pact with a friend and in act a ghost stopped us. IN fact, we were going about 85 in a Pontiac Bonneville and driving straight into oncoming traffic trying to have a head-on collision with a semi. This giant deer, ghost white, must’ve been 9 feet tall and had an antler rack that was 7 feet in length…yeah, huge! It ducked down and ran straight at me at about the same pace as the car, which was 85. It was a natural reaction to swerve out of the way of the giant monster deer elk thingy that was ghost white and bigger then anything I have ever seen…we didn’t die that night and thank God we didn’t…God intervened for His name’s sake and I know that it was supernatural and not a trick of my simple mind…God is real and that’s that.

With Love

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