Sinning Less: Making An Effort

It’s one thing to follow the teachings of Christ, it’s another to say your a Christian. Yet another to go to church. Church doesn’t make you a Christian. Following Christ does. Saying your a Baptist or an Evangelist or a Lutheran or a Methodist makes you those titles, not a Christian. If you say that you are a Baptist, you are not a Christian you are a Baptist. Now I know that many will not like that…but really think about it. Christ laid forth a set of principles and values to follow. That is Christianity. Follow those then you can say “I am a Christian”. However, when you insert additional rules and regulations and clothing regulations and blah blah blah to the mix, then you are creating something new…right?

Anyway, I am making a conscious effort to be someone who is following the teachings of Christ. Not just say it, but do it.

Just food for thought.

Jeff Utnage