Correctional Industries VS DOC Employment

Correctional Industries is a 501c3 that employes inmates at a discounted rate to supply services and goods to DOC and funds certain projects like Meals On Wheels and a few others. Overall it seems like a good idea or the heart of it seems good, but when you take a closer look, it’s really just a big ole scam.
First, let’s start with the most recent details of CI in the news. They were busted for cooking their books and I believe that they are still under investigation in other states. They basically are bulldogging their way into every prison all over the state promising cheaper meals. Here at Stafford Creek I watched what happened here. The individuals involved with the food here made great food for us and made it from scratch cheaper then what CI could provide it for. If the state would have mimicked that, we would have been fed better and it would have cost them less over all. Seeing as how it costs the state $60,000 a year to house each inmate, you would think that cutting costs would be a top priority. I guess its not after all. Because were they have a chance to save money, they choose not to. Go figure.
With the promise of higher wages for Kitchen staff they lured them in and basically gave them $5/hour pay increases to get them to stop fighting and just submit. Now we are going CI in September, or so. 

I just wonder what’s more important, saving money or lining pockets?

Jeff Utnage