Easter Sunday: Good Reports All Around

Today is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. No matter the origin of this holiday, meaning some don’t like it because it is a derivitive of a pagan holiday created by the Catholic church to gain interest among non-believers. However, if you celebrate anything in the name of Jesus Christ it is for Him indeed. So many parts of the world are celebrating the same thing in one accord today and I know that pleases God. 
No matter what you’ve heard about not celebrating or whatever your reasoning is, as a believer in God at all, this day is special because this marks the day that the final blood sacrifice was made to atone for people like me. People like you. Today may not be the exact day 2000 years ago, but its the rememberance of Him that is important to all of us. Without that blood sacrifice of perfection, I would stand no chance at heavens gate. 

Thank You Jesus, thank you.

Jeff Utnage 823469