Off Subject: Travelling Sissies

I often wonder what I will do when I get out of prison. I want to travel, maybe in a convertible, maybe in a long Cadillac, ridiculous pink or maybe sparkly blue…I don’t know, maybe a bus!
I want to do whatever gay people do, go on a long gaycation. I want to find the gayest city and stay for awhile. Just immerse myself in my kindred spirits. Maybe when I arrive there will be men dressed in tights and make-up with satchels full of glitter to throw on you when you walk through the entrance. As you go further into the city you see musicals and people frolicking…ok, maybe that’s a little much, LOL!
You get the idea though. I want some place that I can just breathe. Where the gay man next door isn’t some freak who is really just an old horny many who will try and see your penis for a candy bar. I want to be able to finally talk to my brothers and sisters and find out about our rich history and current culture. Because in here their idea of an outlandish homosexual is someone who blows a kiss at a fella. I mean, come one! 
If I could be just me, no resitrictions or anything I would probably wear a little make-up. Not anything gawdy, but a little lipstick maybe, perhaps some eye shadow and a little something to keep my skin tone even. I have always seen myself as someone who is obese so even though I want to dress in tight clothing that flatters my curves I would not because I have loose skin, but in my mind, I want to dress in tight clothing that accentuates my God given curves! I want that. 
Yeah, I know that I am a follower of Christ and that is supposed to be all thrown out the window. I don’t mean that I want to turn into a whore or someone who wants to bang every guy I run into. I want to be able to express myself in a grouping of people that I am like. Being able to exchange make-up tips is not something that I would consider going against God’s will. 
Maybe I have a fleeting fantasy of some crazy place that I know I would belong to. Perhaps I will write a novel later in life that would detail such a place. A perfectly gay world that loves me and I can fully love in return. A place where drag queens are counselors and baristas and skinny jeans look good on everyone. Where the local park is a place you let your toy dogs and pigs run around while you get a back rub and a manicure. Maybe we’ll even employ straight men with six-packs to bring us hot toddies and cherries.
Someday I might try and write about this place. Maybe i’ll throw in a litte drama and create The Real Househusbands of Fairywood. Outline the bitchy and catty men who stay behind and create their crazy realities…I love it!

That’s all for now…I know it’s a bit off subject, but it was in my head and now it’s in yours.

Jeff Utnage