Changing Tides: The Voices Of Change

“whew! Five years ago I wouldn’t have said s**t else to you man.”

Meaning that today he will. Growth. I heard that sentence said to me several times in many variations over the years. I like hearing it now. It used to be that I would get a little offended and think things like “bastard, you used to hate me and probably still do. But because I am in your face now, now were cool” 
It’s easy to look at the negative side of change and think that it’s still not enough and never will be. Never recognizing that change HAS occured. Maybe not what you’d like right this very second, but the tide doesn’t go out all at once, it takes time.
The guy that five years ago wouldn’t speak a word to me, today he looks at me with curiosity. I may be an oddity to him, but at least I am not the enemy that he had in his childhood. Now I am a man, and he see’s that at least. 
Not everyone will react the way that he does. I want to let everyone know that is struggling out there with acceptance, whether at school or work or your neighborhood or other prisons. Know that there are so many of us that are struggling. We cannot be the poison that taints the atmosphere. If you view the space around you as air, you have two choices, you can contribute to it’s health or you can poison it. You can be positive or negative. Apart of the problem or a part of the solution. It is truly up to you. You have the choice. People will accept you so long as YOU accept you. If you do not accept who you are then how in the world can they? Just basics here folks. 
People can testify that the old way of doing things was better, easier. They liked segregation and being able to establish a forced heirarchy on those that couldn’t fight back or simply didn’t know how. Those people have never experienced those things. They like the idea because they have never stared it in the face and had to identify it “I am hated”. Whereas we have.
Carry one LGBTQGQQPAI family, know that you are NOT alone and that others are out there facing the same things that you and I are facing and we are over coming with patience, with kindness and not accepting anything else but equality and a voice at this table that we call life.

With Love

Be inspired by those that come against you. Know that if they come against you they are most certainly afraid of what you mean, of what you stand for…

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