LGBTQ: Carrying Myself Worthy

I know that I am not the best man on Earth. I know that I am not the best man in this prison. Far from it, I make so many mistakes. I get over my head so many times. I turn red with embarrassment just thinking about them half-heatedly. But that is the problem with paving the way, no one has done it before you so you are bound to have some learning curves.
Something that I will not allow to happen is to slow down. I know that asking for a spot at the table of equality is important here, out there and everywhere that we are not. I heard something the other night on TVW (a local government channel broadcasting local issues) they were discussing Transgender Bathroom Rights. A very important topic for me to learn about and this man came up to the podium, a pastor by his own words, and started talking about that this counsel represents the majority and seeing as how transgender individuals represent the minority, majority rules…DISGUSTING!
In here LGBTQ are less then 5% id say. There are more men in here who are willing to have sex, but they are hardly gay. Simply dogs who need to stick their wick anything that moves, or not. So it’s important work for me to walk this walk. The problem: I’m human and make mistakes. I still talk right outta my butt and let stuff fall outta my neck that is not very Christian or mentoring. Check this out though, tomorrow, I am gonna wake up, I am gonna pray and read my Word and I am going to go over yesterday’s mistakes and I am going to try and stop them from happening today. It’s called overcoming obstacles, something that I am very good at. I have spent my life from the back of the pack and I know exactly how to maneuver from there, in fact I’d say I’m expert at it.
I bring this up because I need help. I need people beside me doing the same thing. Sometimes I don’t need the atta-boy or the here is what is next. I have this picture in my head of a man travelling a pathway, he is all alone and then suddenly he sees others like him, travelling alone, on the same pathway. Then he knows that he is at least going to right direction. I am this man and sometimes I just need to look over to the people on my left and right and reaffirm that this is the pathway to equality, and happiness and joy and being squarely happy with myself. Can you understand that at least a little? I guess I want to make sure that all of you and everyone you know knows this: mentors are not perfect people, those who have effected change in whatever they believed in weren’t perfect, they were just passionate and willing to look at themselves every morning and say “I am going to keep going, I am going to try a little harder today to not repeat yesterdays mistakes”

We all need YOU! We all NEED YOU…get it, we need you. Yes you…I am talking to everyone who reads this, YOU are a person who is passionate about something and you don’t have to be perfect to be apart of change, just willing to go through it. IF it were this easy thing, your cause would have already happened…right? So, now that you know it will be hard, boot up, put your helmet on and expect to be in the trenches for a while. Because if it’s the right thing, it’s only easy if everyone’s doing it. I am passionate about the gay community, I am passionate about LGBTQ equality with my Christian faith. When I get out I have EVERY intention of pushing this envelope right down the throat of every two-faced, self-righteous, self-proclaimed wanna-be followers of God that I too deserve to pray to the God of Israel and His Son, Jesus…the Messiah. His Spirit in the flesh. Yup…so I know that I am not perfect, but I’m going on anyway and you should too.

Love ya!