Brace Yourself: I Know A Real Battle Is Coming, Psychological Warfare!

Yesterday I got confirmation that the prison I am incarcerated at,Stafford Creek Corrections Center, is going to put on an LGBTQ Cultural Event this year. 
This is huge. It’s such a big deal because they are not only making June LGBTQ awareness month among staff. For inmates to. Previous years they would only allow certain racial groups to celebrate their heritage. LGBTQ was never included for several reasons. Things like LGBTQ not being classified as a culture among the top. But this year it’s different. This year I am proud to say that they are going to celebrate us! 
This is something I am so happy about, I know it is going to be accompanied by heckling and all kinds of negativity. This is where strength and fortitude is just going to have to prevail. Just because a bigot starts vocalizing doesn’t mean we should lie down. No, the hatred must be ignored. that is the only way. In fact, that’s the reason our prison system is the way it is. Somewhere along the way someone conceded to a hateful group of people. We can’t allow that to be the standard anymore. Look at where it got us…look at where it got me…
I like the saying * don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya*. It’s a reality that this prison is luxurious when you compare it to places where violence rules, places like Walla Walla. Those that just can’t stand equality, they can easily go back to where they are better adapted. For the rest of us we like it here and feel lucky to be able to do our time in moderate peace. 
There are a toxic few that their negativity seems to overshadow all positive light. This is where I am grossly underestimated, I have already dealt with hatred. I have looked at it in the face and shouted back at it. Hatred has had it’s infection in my life since I was a child. I was raised by men who hate. Hatred doesn’t scare me, it pisses me off. That’s why I am so proud of my facility, they aren’t going to allow intolerance to rule. This enables men and women like me to stand stoic and resolute while we walk to our destination. Heckling, hatred and doubt has little effect on those who have already dealt with it. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469