I No Longer Like Trump…

Yup, in true diva fashion I have changed my mind. I think what started the ball on my dislike for Trump’s campaign is the news bit that was done in North Carolina on the woman with prison tattoos volunteering with her husband and child. It’s not just any old tattoos, they were Nazi war symbols on her signifying her hatred for anyone non-white. I don’t think Trump knew what that meant or even seen them. But because I am in here and know what kind of people wear those symbols and what they think of LGBTQ people. Which is hatred. I am not blaming him for that family’s behavior or beliefs, but if that is the breed of people supporting him I WILL NOT BE YOKED WITH THEM!!!!!!
I don’t know who I am supporting now. I wish we could take Trumps attitude and brazen tactics and put them on someone else. I definitely don’t like Cruz. Something about that man raises the hair on the back of my neck. I see him on TV and immediately feel threatened, for whatever reason. 
Perhaps my attention will be turned to Sanders or wait for the nominees? We are in a time where traditional politics are dinosaurs. Modern political thinking is how a younger generation thinks and clearly they don’t like to be told that either you think this way or you think that way, but some of both is not accepted. That is what turned an entire generation away from politics in the first place was being TOLD you have two choices to think, your thoughts aren’t what were looking for. So when someone comes along who is seemingly rebellious….that is attractive to say the least and exactly what millions have been waiting for. Someone we can identify with. Which isn’t Ivy league, silver spoon rich people who spend their summers on Tahoe or the Hamptons being pampered by minorities and catered to by money. That class has an important voice, but it’s only 1%, there is still 99% to consider.

Just my take….

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469