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part 3:

• Offenders must log on once a month so their device will not lock up.

• This is a security feature to ensure the JP device is still being used by the correct person.

• Photos attached to emails delete even if even they are moved to the photo album.

• JPay is currently working on this issue.

• If music is paused for more than a few minutes, the JPay5 makes a ticking sound.

• JPay will research to see if it is a notification that the device is still on or if it just a bug in the system.

• Does the JP5 have the ability to send pictures to multiple people at one time.

• Not at this time.

• Some offenders are having issues with their JP4 after the JP5 was implemented.
They are finding it difficult to get attachments, ect.

• The JP4 & JP5 are working on the same network with conflicting technology.
When one system is fixed it may affect the other.

• Can money be transferred from the media account to pay on the phone account?

• No, as these are 2 separate companies.

• What is the possibility of getting individual docking stations?

• Docking stations are not available for the 4″ screens.

• Can emails be forwarded?

• No

• Once email invitations have met their limit, can it be reset?

• Doc had limited the amount of email invitations you can have.
The list can be reviewed to see who you are sending them to & you may be able to have it reset through a help ticket.

The easiest solution would be to have your family/friend add you to their list.

Can additional money be added to the JPay account or the amount be changed once you have submitted a request?

• No. Once your request has been submitted, you may not change it.
You are only allowed up to put a request in once every 2 weeks.

• The audible alarm clock is not working.

• Jpay will look into the issue.

• What are some of the future features coming out or you are hoping to have approved?

• Outbound video grams

• More educational capabilities

• Movies are being discussed

> In conclusion, JPay stated they will be meeting with DOC headquarters this afternoon & will take some of the wish list items to them to see if they may be approved.

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