Life Upon Release: I See The Gay Jetson’s

When I was a child there was e television show called The Jetsons. It was a cartoon that took place in the future. They had flying cars and space like houses and clothing was “futuristic”. Really the clothing was uniformed and uninteresting.
The thought was that in twenty years life would be like that. Flying cars that made bubbly noises and houses that were way up high like Seattle’s famous Space Needle.
In prison I am watching technology evolve at a breakneck speed. The same type of technology was available when I was out there but for unreasonable prices making it nonexistent in my world. But now touchscreens are everywhere and cellphones and tablets are being given away as basic necessities to poor families along with their EBT debit card. And rightfully so, basic communication with employers and professional conduct dictates that the use of modern technology is essential.
I envision a hope for a different world. It’s no secret that androgynous clothing interests me. I don’t think that if a man wants to show up to work in a professional feminine outfit that he is comfortable with he should have to change. Or wear the label tranny, cross dresser or have to have GID. Maybe he just looks good in a pair of heels and a blouse.
Men tend to have a problem with other men who dress like that calling them fembots and misunderstanding their attire. Mistaking the point. The point is to dress in what makes you feel most confident in. Whether its a suit or dress, what Joe Schmoe wears doesn’t threaten my masculinity at all, or his for that matter. Masculinity isn’t clothing but mentality. I have met women that are more masculine then any man I’ve met and they weren’t lesbian but just badass’s. I envision a place where gay is OK. But so is straight. Where a couple is a couple. How a man dresses with his partner, male or female, has no bearing on my life and it shouldn’t on yours. 
Does he do his job? Is he acting appropriately? Then what’s the problem. Yeah, I want a future culture that makes it OK to express yourself how you feel. On the outside I am a boxy figured man with a 36″ waist, but on the inside I feel feminine. When I daydream about what I want to look like I see a petite waist, thin slender legs and pelvic bones that I can see through my flowy dress. I don’t know, something to that effect. But that doesn’t mean I want to be a woman. I am very happy with my “parts” and wish to keep them. But I fail to see how khaki and denim is the only way to keep them covered and be happy.
Just my two cents. A little bit of my delusion I guess is to think that tolerance is possible…at least you know what I’ll be fighting for. Tolerance. Proudly, and I could care less if it’s in your comfort zone or not. Why make enemies out of us when you could get the best paying job of your life from a man in a dress and heels who still likes to be a man? You just never know. You could be saved by someone wearing lipstick and when your counting your blessings it’s doubtful the outside appearance will matter. Let’s make my beliefs clear, I don’t think that you have to be gay to dress how you want. If your woman is threatened by you wearing a dress, it’s her upbringing that has taught her traditional men and women’s roles, which I am definitely trying to erradicate. Perhaps love could trump those particular values. My question to those women: does he still love you? has his parts changed and is he happier? If yes, then I think the rest will be just fine…
With Love
Jeff Utnage DOC# 823469
Side Note: I cannot receive mail from other inmates no matter the state. Thanks for understanding! Love Ya!