Scriptural Truth God Loves All Men And Has Instructed His Disciples And Even The Jewish Nation To Do The Same: Acts 10:28

After Jesus was crucified the disciples were sent all over the place. Peter was in Joppa, by the sea and Cornelius was sent to him. Cornelius was not Jewish, he was Italian. But, he loved God no less and God knew that. Convincing Peter though…So God sent a vision to Peter, a blanket with every unclean animal on it that the Jewish people are not allowed to eat. God told him to receive it and Peter denied having touched anything unclean. But then God says “What God has declared clean man shall not call common”
This prepares us and Peter for the arrival of Cornelius. Peter understands the vision as God telling him he cannot refuse another man of God. He suddenly realizes that following the Hebrew God is no longer just for Hebrews. Its for everyone. Listen to this Acts 10:28 “You know how unlawful it is for a Jewish man to keep company with or to go to one of another nation. BUT GOD HAS SHOWN ME THAT I SHOULD NOT CALL ANY MAN COMMON OR UNCLEAN”. 
Just because Peter didn’t understand didn’t mean he didn’t listen. Up until that point if you weren’t Jewish….you were wrong. Just like LGBTQ, we are not unclean and Christians should receive us according to the commandment of God. 
I have not looked at the scriptures like that in a while. I have always known that God loves us, but have been unable to point it out in scripture. I am so glad that the Holy Spirit pointed that out to me. I have read it thirty times my whole life and never recognized it until today. I needed it to. I had a terrible dream last night that repulsed me and was all to happy to wake out of it. Lord, get those images out of my mind and replace them which You, Amen.
No man should be called unclean which God has cleansed! That’s me! You as well of you’re saved. Which is to believe that Jesus died on the cross for the remission of sins and then rose three days later, ascending to His throne. If you believe this and confess it out loud, you are reconciled to our creator. After this you follow the teachings of Christ: Love mankind, love God with all your mind heart soul and strength. What harm could possibly come from those basic things? Some Christian people want it to be more then that, but its not. Don’t let some crazy ruin your potential for enternity. You WILL pass on, but to what? If you question where you are going at all, consider my message.

With Love

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