Feeling Like I’m To Hard On My Christian Family?

I don’t just get a little upset with them, they infuriate me. Sometimes to the point I can’t think clearly. But, that is with any family I suppose. I know this, that without going to church my Christian walk is suffering. Which is tragic because I love God. 
Here is the part that I get frustrated with. I understand why my fellow Christians struggle with the LGBTQ community. I don’t agree with them, but I understand them. As far as they are concerned the Bible is cut and dry. So long as it doesn’t include them. They can cheat on their wives, diddle children without consequence, look up porn, drink like fish, beat their families, do drugs, curse like sailors, swindle people out of money, cut people off and be disruptive and all the have to do is ask forgiveness and then that’s it, they have forgiveness from everyone under the clause “no one’s perfect, you get fresh grace every morning…unless your a fag.” 
You can hear the venom…We’ve all experienced the wrath of a church goer who thinks that hatred is doing God’s work. You read scripture based on your own personal views. That is why its so messed up nowadays because for two thousand years its been translated to suit the minds of whoever. That’s why it must be translated as objectively as possible. Preachers, be careful what you teach your flock, they just might actually be practicing your views. Jesus says to love everyone. Seeing as how none of us are going to heaven sinless, it’s kind of a big deal to isolate one and speak for God on it. The fact is homosexuality isn’t a sin. Which of the commandments do I break if I marry a man? Which of you finger-pointers were there when God created me? Is there no one? Then how would you know what He did? Animals have homosexuality, not like dogs who will hump the air, but will pair up with the same sex for life and even adopt abandon young or assist in the raising of young as a couple. If God made that in animals who cannot sin, then why would mankind be exempt? 
My point is this, perhaps some are not ready. They are the ones who are blinded, much like many families who fought to keep slavery or liked that women couldn’t vote or get education, that same type of person isn’t ready to see a gay man or anyone LGBTQ in the pew next to them.
As hard as it may be, believe me I KNOW, we have to forgive those who persecute us and love them anyway. And not the distant kind either, the real love. Hold me to this standard please. I struggle with it daily, hourly even. But I am nothing if I hate them as much as they hate me. That is our job, to love. So don’t screw it up.

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469