I’m Thinking I Need To Write Book On Homosexuality In Christianity.

First, I am completely bored with my current gay christian book selection. Which is well meaning, but utterly useless. One teaches on celibacy, another on praying the gay away and yet another teaches accepting the sinner, hate the sin. BEING GAY AIN’T A SIN! Is it the elusive forgotten commandment? Which of the ten commandments do I break by being gay? 
Grrr! I have been searching for a book or whatever that supports me worshipping God just like I am. I have lots to say on this subject and lots of testimony and a big ole fat heart for reconciling men to God. I can’t tell you how many guys I know that want to believe but have had some knuckle head preacher in here tell them to go home and pray and repent for being gay. Or “your not gay, that’s a lie from the devil son, that would make you an abomination and God can’t love that”. WHAT! 
I got your ‘lie from the devil hang in”. Bastards. Do they even realize the trouble and heartache they are causing? What kind of havoc they are making of people’s mind? What if they try and teach a child that crap? Man o man alive this subject fires me up! I know I have to love them anyway. But it is sooo hard to do that sometimes. Especially when it seems like Christianity is waging war on homosexuality. Why, if some of them had it their way they’d commit legal genocide. The funny thing is, that’s the big fear with militant off shoots of religions like ISIL is genocide. But what’s the difference between a persons hatred for a Christian versus a person hatred for the homosexual? Both groups are thoroughly convinced that they’re right and both are active. Scary huh, to think that some Christian churches are just one step away from being an extremist terrorist organization and fully believing they are doing Gods work…in fact that’s talked about in Revelation, is it not?
Let me make this clear, I am a Christian. But like some Muslims, there are radical movements that are mistakenly referred to as Muslim. They even call themselves Muslim, and fully believe they are the right version and the only version. Sounds kinda like Baptist or Evangelical or Presbyterian to me. They aren’t Christian, they’re Baptist, Evangelical and Presbyterian. If Jesus wanted Christianity to be called ANYTHING other then Christian, He certainly had the power to…Know what I mean? 
I want the roots of Christian fundamentals to shine. Love, acceptance, humility, honor, obedience, patience, peace. Not protests and hate mail and interrupting military funerals and telling Gods creations their abominable. 
Darlings your beautiful and wonderfully crafted out of the finest material God had, Himself. So be gay and proud. Or Bi and proud or asexual or pansexual or lesbian or gender queer or love God for modern medicine to do sex changes safely. Btw, those that are trapped in the wrong body, sweetie, God didn’t make a mistake when He made you. He made a Miracle…to confound the world that God can create who He wishes and He loves them no matter the form, period. We will see you in Heaven dears, believe that!

With Love, Be Proud
Jeff Utnage 823469