Modern Love Stories: Do They Still Exist?

Why are all the really good love stories set in old times? With the exception of “Twilight” By Stephanie Meyers (don’t even start with me, I love that story) nothing that captivates me is modern. It seems that the face of modern love is dying. That sucks. Whenever I read a story it has to be the impossible love. Romeo and Juliet for example. I don’t like the suicide ending by I love the impossible love and romance of it all. I can’t deny it. I wonder if there is any impossible love stories left in us. I don’t want an author a hundred years from now to define my romantic life. I want to tell my story and live it. Then they can retell it if they want to, I wouldn’t care then. Maybe I just crave romance. It seems unlikely to happen anytime soon but it doesn’t stop me from wanting my own White Knight. He can keep the armor, wear tights instead. I don’t really care for the brutish type or the overly masculine. Keep the testosterone filled tantrums. I’ll let someone who wants that keep that all to themselves. I much prefer a soft, patient and caring touch to testosterone any day!
There is plenty of love going around. I remember as a young man a movie came out called Romeo and Juliet. It was a modern twist to the classic tale. It had Leonardo DiCaprio and this faced paced theme that just captivated my heart. So much so that I still compare any potential romance to the feelings involved with that movie. When I think of real love I still picture those two. I am looking to fill that void inside me, that gap of emotion. I don’t know how to fill it up. Or rather, how to use those emotions elsewhere. Its like I have them carefully reserved for the off chance I might still need them. If I use them for something else, I fear not being able to love someone properly. For example, if I poor myself into my cause and give it my love, of which I talk, then when a romantic partner is available to me, I will have no interest in him because I am already taken by my work. I am afraid of that.
Perhaps my Christian walk suffers because of it, God requiring my heart. Which I have apparently saved for another. God help me, amen! I am learning to balance my emotions and this is one of those moments when I know that my thoughts on love are not practical, when reading about impossible love is not enough, I want to live it. 

With Love, Dears
Jeff Utnage 823469