Prison Life

I have tried to train my thinking to be geared toward positive thinking. Some things just blow my mind though. One of the most beneficial things we have is an email service and our access is about to be restricted. Which means that communication with friends and family is now just as hard. For those that don’t know there is a service that inmates in Washington state can use called jpay.com and it cost money but is still cheaper then regular mail and convenient enough that it promotes regular contact. There are two machines I can use and I can use them five times each daily.
When jpay gave us access to new music players and email devices they refused to load our music on prior to shipping them to us, which means that the guys who have thousands tied up in music all tried to download at once, almost crashing the system. Now because we are in prison we have bullies and overzealous c/o’s who want to stop bullying. So the solution is to restrict our access to once per day for good. 
This is going to make it extremely hard to get on regularly to do things like update this site…
I am failing to see the positive. 

With Love

Still seeking for positivity even when I don’t believe it’s here.

Jeff Utnage