Insensitivity: What To Do?

Our facility implemented new cultural and general awareness themes for each month. Like May is Asian/Pacific Islander month. So there will be educational materials floating around, a poster or two, some crafts to see and perhaps a workshop…all possible and fantastic. What’s not good is that months that inmates are intolerant to like April is Sexual Assault Awareness. A topic that should absolutely be brought up and education be done. The victims recognition and understanding what they go through is paramount to recovery on all accounts and change on the inmates part.
So why an inmate would tear that down so people can’t sign up is beyond me. People work so hard on these things because they are important and relevant to a positive environment. I can’t even guess. What I do know is that white supremast groups and other hate filled factions that are based in race supremacy are mad that other topics are being brought to the table. You know why they’re mad? I’ll tell you, its because they’re way of life is dying. They’re platform is shrinking and they’re grip is being demolished because less and less people are afraid of them. They’re terror is dwindling and nothing could make me happier. I have to say that our new administration so far seems to be highly effective. I say that because there is some serious divisions being made in regards to opinions of the new attitude. I think I’ve heard more whining from staff then inmates when it comes to the new administration. I think it’s because of the new gender, its no longer being run by men and racist, piggish and self-entitled women beaters who think that a women’s place is beneath them don’t like being told what to do. Honestly it warms my heart to see these men around here so fired up. Guess what, the bigotry is on its way out and hopefully anyone who likes it.
Perhaps more important is the “prison”‘ life and what happens here is dying. Which means the reign of hate is ending and something new is coming. Hopefully, something better. I wish that I wave of my little fairy scepter could fix it all right now. Hopefully we can convince bigots to stop ripping down educational posters because it threatens their thinking, yeah oh no, you might have to change. Oops! Sorry, not sorry. 
Before I end this, I wanted to touch on Xulhaz Mannan, Editor of Gay rights magazine “Roopbaan”. Through seas and lands and religions and tyrannical countries we are united as brothers and sisters and when one of us is hurt, we all feel it. To the current staff of Roopbaan, don’t lose heart and keep on printing. This kind of act is absolutely despicable and the men/group who ‘hacked’ Mannan are fear filled cowards who will have to face the Alpha and the Omega, may God forgive your corrupted minds. 
Stay safe Bangladesh, spread love and peace by loving those who persecute you. I know, easy to say and hard to do. You are all in my heart, dreams and prayers

Jeff Utnage Prisoner 823469
Stafford Creek Correction Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA. 98520