Abominations: Who Is An Abomination? Part 2 of the series

I have spent hours over the past two days pouring over every reference I have available to me over the words abomination, abominable, abominations. There are an estimated 178 scriptural references to the three words. 
Its most common use is to describe something detestable, filthy things such as: serving other gods (Deut. 13:13,14); eating scavenging birds like ostriches and hawks and most owls and seagulls (Lev. 11:13); sacrificing children (deut. 12:31 & 18:10-14); sacrificing imperfect bulls or sheep (deut. 17:1); women wearing men’s clothing, like pants…I dont think anyone got the memo on this one LOL! (deut. 22:5); remarrying your ex wife after she has married another and divorced him(deut 22:4)hmm, getting intrigued yet?; anyone who behaves unrighteously (deut. 25:16, pretty sure that covers everyone btw…everyone behaves unrighteously at least some of the time….soooo sorry to say everyone is an abomination… sorry, not sorry); anyone who’s bitter or a ‘scorner’ (prov. 24:9. tell that to the bitter old lady always up in your business angrily demanding you renounce your sexuality); The prayer of the disobedient (prov 28:9 seeing as how none of us are perfect…this also means all of us…just say in’ here is a theme); anyone who has evil thoughts Proverbs 15:26, hmm, getting my point yet?
I am going to stop quoting scripture there. Honestly its not hard to figure out that anyone who commits any sin is an abomination to God. If you sin your uncleanness is an abomination to God. I am sorry to say that the “Your an abomination speil” is no longer a valid accusation because you can say “sweetheart, so are you”. and that’s a fact. No one can die sinless, which makes all of us abominable. 
Kinda hopeless huh? Not really. God knew we were ALL abominations, the liar, the adulterer ( if you’ve ever masturbated to anyone or thing besides your spouse…yup, you guessed it, abomination). God knew He had to provide atonement for us to come back to Him so that we are not abominable in His sight. Since none of us can be perfect, we are all equally unrighteous, which makes us all equally abominable according to scripture. So blaming homosexuality for this plague or that is ridiculous because your lying or banging the family dog or lusting after the neighbor girl is equally abominable and is deserving of death according to the same scripture your quoting. Go ahead and tell them that when they protest you or shout obsceneties or whatever happens. People aren’t in the know about this because they’re only parroting what the hate filled family pastor is screeching on about on Sunday. Getting them all excited that they’re doing Gods work by spitting scorn at another. Yeah, give yourselves a big round of applause…you’ve managed to become the biggest hypocrisy to date…the abominable pointing out the abominable. God provided atonement, His name was Jesus and was God in the flesh. He was the perfect sacrifice for the perfectly abominable people He created. 
I want to encourage everyone to read without reservation and seek God. He doesn’t hate you and yeah His people can be really misguided and hypocritical and all kinds of mean and nasty…but so are we. We can’t do anything about what they feel, but when you hear those same people droning on about abominable this and that you have 178 more scriptures you can use to level the playing field and fast. I didn’t list everything I found, time would fail me. But my summation is this: hurt people hurt people and were the most recent to come to light. So were the target like slaves used to be, like women used to be, like the Japanese and Jews used to be. And one day it will be added to the list “and gays used to be”. God loves us all and His people are imperfect, like us. That makes us equally lovable by God and if we choose to believe He has provided a way for us to do so. Because He knows better then anyone how we are, abominable. All we have to do is love Him, seek Him with all our mind, strength, soul and spirit…with everything we got and love one another…that’s our part. Jesus said nothing about being straight or gay, He said “I AM” and if we believe He died for us and confess it aloud…baby its a done deal. 

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