Ted Cruz Is A Bigot! Using Christianity As A Means To Hate

Ted Cruz called all transgendered individuals predators. Ted Cruz, you S.O.B., if you had any idea of what your talking about you would have approached this much more carefully. Pointing the finger at Trump yet here you are using Christianity as a means to protect your right to hate. To cast a net of judgment on all who are different then you. 
Caitlyn Jenner was right to dig on you. Here in this world there are men and women who do bad things, but transgendered men and women are not them and they shouldn’t be the victims of child predators too. Which is exactly what’s going on. Society as a whole is lumping trans men and women together into one doughy lump with the people they dislike the most. Mainly because of a flat refusal to even try and understand that trans men and women are victims too, victims of people like Ted Cruz. Doing what Cruz is doing is just as traumatizing as a person being raped. The psychological effects of isolating people like he’s doing publicly is just as harmful on a fragile persons psyche as and other traumatic effect.
Mr. Cruz, how does it feel to be just as harmful as every murderer and rapist?
Mr. Cruz, you have the same effect as a rapist, I would know. How does that feel, let me know how that shoe fits…

Don’t listen to that f****r dears, God loves you and so do I. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469
Stafford Creek Corrections Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA. 98520