What Can A Felon Learn From World Contenders?

What can we learn from Trump and Cruz? Never give up and let the haters spout off, only those with the grit and tenacity will ultimately deal with the immense pressures of leadership. Not everyone likes Obama or Clinton or Trump….Not everyone likes me. Not everyone likes you. Think about it, how many times have you lost your nerve around someone that has given you some sort of opposition or grief. Its hard to give a presentation to a bunch of hecklers and keep smiling. How do they do it? 
As a felon and someone who has to register I will have to walk into a potential employers office and explain something that happened twenty years prior. I assume that I will not be very popular. But I can’t allow that to stop me. Obama didn’t, Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t (thank God) and neither will I. Not that I have plans of world domination or anything, maybe I’ll settle for smaller things like owning my own Nonprofit and help eliminate LGBTQ from the system and stop sex offenses before they happen. Yeah, I’d settle for that. 
Cruz dropping out of the race just means that he flat out lacks the tenacity. Not that I was ever a fan of him. I couldn’t watch him without wanting to throw something at my TV. Trump is in this, Kasich is in this Sanders is in this and don’t forget Clinton. Being able to stand in front of the entire world and take the kind of mud being thrown at someone like President Obama is very inspiring. Why, because he kept on working and living and loving and vacationing and being a Father, husband and yes…President. 
I can learn from that. If they can do it on a grand scale I can certainly do it in prison. Some hate me, some are indifferent but there are many who love me. There are many who are doing the same thing I’m doing and maybe I need them just as much.
There is much we can learn from the mistakes of someone like Cruz and Trump, or Kasich’s quiet battle. I believe the word is tenacity, maybe its more zeal even. Whatever it is, I don’t need an exact name to absorb it and there are plenty of opportunities to practice fighting for what you want. It seems at first that the whole world is against you. I would offer you this (and hopefully you will offer it to me one day): maybe your only looking for the negatives, maybe your trained to see the reasons why you can’t instead of all the reasons why you should. The whole world isn’t against you. The truth is, no one really cares. Those that do don’t go shouting it out on the rooftops, they quietly support you. They usually are smart enough to know that they can’t help you until you start. 

Be successful dears, be successful for you and know that I am on the same path and look at all the obstacles in my path. If I can still have hope, so can you, after all I am the most looked down upon man you’ll probably ever allow yourself to listen to. For that I thank you.

With Love Dears
Jeff Utnage 823469