Fear As A Weapon Against Transgendered People And America

Here we go, were riding this train again. Transgendered restroom use. I was watching the news this morning and the headline was “NC Sues DOJ Over Restroom Use.” I stopped long enough to see what in the blazes they were talking about. My assumption was that some hillbilly with a title was spouting off hate. I was right for the most part, maybe he wasn’t a hillbilly, but he certainly had a title. Sounded like it was straight out of the Klan handbook, LT Governor.
His grounds for fighting the law was that he was protecting innocent women and children from men in the restroom. Well ain’t you heroic. This is all about fear. The headline this morning should have said “NC Sues DOJ Over Fear”. What this means is that they don’t want transgender men and women using appropriate facilities. The reason? To protect women and children. Protect them from what? What’s to stop a predator from walking into a restroom now? You think that because there is a sign up there that its going to stop them? What! That sign is not your security is it? A transgendered women, meaning a women born a man, is not going out in public looking like a man in a dress. They are taking the time to apply make-up and look as feminine as possible, and not so that they can use a bathroom. They do it because they want to feel feminine. 
If the fear is sexual predarization from the hands of transgendered individuals then your fear is illegitimate and falls on its face. Most trans women who haven’t transitioned yet find their male genitalia grotesque and have significant penile dysfunction. Its not coming out in Safeway folks! 
We cannot discriminate against any group of people out of fear. These PEOPLE are being labelled as sexual deviants when they are not. They are not our enemy and they are not victimizing anyone’s children or wives. If they interact at all in the women’s bathroom its because their women and they talk alot! Sorry girls, but your no different then us queeny, gossipy gays. There are two villains here, fear and sexual deviants. Neither one is stopped currently. If a predator wants to walk into a bathroom and try and assault a woman or child, he/she is going to do it. Transgendered people are just as likely, if not more likely, to be assaulted in the bathroom. No damned sign is going to stop them. If your security against predators of any type is signage then perhaps you should rethink your strategy. A man dressing up as a woman to victimize people will probably not go through the trouble that a real trans woman will go through to look the part. Throw on a wig and a dress and some sunglasses to walk into a bathroom? I mean, how many times has that really happened? Let’s be honest here. Its because you have been taught to fear through all kinds of mediums. Now, people who hate LGBTQ are trying to put a predatorial label on trans men and women to push their personal hate and fears on the rest of the world. The latest tactic in a long line of tactics.
Trans people, listen up. Do not lose heart dears. You have dealt with oppression and fear all your life, this is no different. These people are never going to fully disappear. There are people who love you and are willing to stand with you and stand up for you if need be. The real victims in all this? You. Your beautiful and wonderful and bring life to all the world around you. You were wonderfully crafted and you were not a mistake. You were not meant for confusion and tragedy. You were meant to show the world that our Creator has no bounds to His love. Anyone who says different is a liar.
I love you and support you and will do all I can to defend your rights.

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469
Stafford Creek Correction Center
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