How I lost 100+ lbs In Prison
I fell in April of 2011 at a weight of about 280 lbs, my highest was just a few months prior at 300. I was a big boy for being 5′ 8″. Fast track to an early death.
When I went to jail the meals weren’t very balanced. They served us breakfast at 4:30 a.m. and then lunch at 11 and supper at 4:30. That was it for 12 hours. The food is what got me, it consisted mainly of cabbage and onions, two things I refused to consume. 
That helped, not having access to the foods I used to get me fat. Also, having my meals times restricted to certain times. What I would do is take a part of my meal and save it for later. Kind of fooling myself.
Then when you come to prison your diet changes dramatically. You have access to more foods more frequently if you can purchase them.
This is what I have learned to manage my weight. 
1. Do basic exercise in the morning. Ten minutes of exercise is fantastic
2. Eat smaller meals for frequently. Instead of eating one big meal or three, eat seven smaller meals. Same calorie count, but spread it out.
3. eat things in groups, beans and rice help digest the other quickly but separated they are slow to metabolize. Others include Oatmeal and peanut butter. 
4. Don’t starve yourself. Period, don’t do it.
5. work out, I started by jogging In place for a minute or two, then did ten push ups then ten squats then jogged in place again. Next set, do nine of each, then eight. Try that every other day for a week then increase to 15. Weight will start falling off.
6. No late night snacking. Cut yourself off and make a game of it. Challenge yourself to stop eating by six, no matter what. set the limit and stick to it.
7. You cannot eat unlimited fruits. You cant cut out cookies and add 30 oranges. Just as many calories, just easier to digest in smaller quantities.

Those are the basics, more importantly though, I added to my workout routine. I started with 50 squats and push ups and ended up increasing all the way up to 2000 each in 90 minutes. When I started I could not do 10 in a row. It quickly builds. Even if you can only do 3-4, go til failure and switch to another muscle group. Like squats, jogging in place or crunches or lunges or do them all in small sets for as long as you can. set a number and reach it. I did this all and now I hold steady at 180. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469