Transgender Bathroom Use: Why Not?
I have talked about this before. A few times in fact. I am a proponent of equality in the restroom. I still believe that assigned sexes should be in the bathroom, women for women and men for men’s. A transgender women isn’t a transgender at all, in fact, they are a women. Whether anyone likes it or nor. The label Transgender is something assigned so that people can keep them desperate. “Your not male or female, your trans.”. Seems pretty derogatory to me. But for the sake of clarity, I’ll go with it in this particular conversation. 
Here are my reasons:
1. A transgendered woman is a WOMAN. Pre-op or not!
2. A predator will predatorize whether there is a sign there or not. 
3. Transgender people don’t like their genitalia, they are uncomfortable using it. 
4. Women’s restrooms have stall dividers. (its equally traumatic on a child to see someone stand at a urinal and untuck their genitals and retuck them to pee, they should get their privacy)
5. Trans people are just as likely targets of attack as women and children.

The real issue here is fear. People are afraid of what they don’t understand. It appears as though many people dont understand LBGTQ. A little tolerance isn’t going to hurt anyone.

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469