What Inmates Like Me Could Benefit From
Friendship, someone to talk to. You have no idea what a visit does to a guy in here. We will spend two hours getting ready. Our hearts race, our palms sweat. We get ansy and nervous. It means the world. We welcome our visitors warmly and collectively work to make them feel safe and comfortable. The atmosphere is not what you’d expect.
We also need books and letters and mentors. People who are accomplishing life in all its forms. Even someone who is just stable. 
Me personally, I need educational materials that I can learn from and teach on all subjects for self help. I need books on anything LGBTQ. I need someone to connect me to the Pride Festivals so I can experience them even just by hearing about it. I need someone who is tech saavy to help get this blog shaped up, so it is clean and crisp, more user friendly. Easy on the eyes.
I could truly use a few penpals. I don’t have many outside LGBTQ advocates right now and could use the interaction, I’m surrounded by those that still think I’m an abomination. I could use a few reasonable voices.

Help me out people!

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469
Stafford Creek Correction Center
191 Constantine Way