LGBTQ VS Christianity: God Loves Gay

You know the problem with biblically educated scholars? They think they have this bible thing nailed. What can a man with less education teach them? Well, let’s look at the disciple Peter. Peter was a fishermen. Peter was a great man of God, what made him great since he had no education, like Paul?
God does what God wants. He especially doesn’t like it when His people lean on something besides Him, like their man taught education. So, I say that to establish this point: I am the authority on my life. No scholar or education can teach for or against Gods love for me. Why, because I am not in their history books to learn about. I am right here, right now living Gods love. Their is no one who knows about that.
I know that God loves gays for one simple reason, God loves me. How do I know for sure? Who knows the ten commandments? Go through them in your mind real quick, thou shall not covet, murder, commit adultery etc. Now let’s fast forward to the teachings of Christ. Consider the book of Romans, chap 13 verses 8-10. You don’t need to be a scholar or preacher to understand it. I’ll sum it up for you, all ten commandments are summed up in one saying, love your neighbor. In the sermons Jesus gave He also says to ‘ Love God with all your mind, heart, soul and strength’. Have faith in these things. 
Some of you are not Christian. I am not here to proselytize you. I hate it when the ones who are Christian are put down, not able to worship God openly and freely like everyone else. Where is the equality in that? Then those that don’t like my leveling of the playing field say things like “You can’t write a book on the bible unless you have a platform, like a ministry or a college education”. Well piss on that. Yeah, I said that. God doesn’t need you to be this grandly educated hubbity bub to use you. In fact He rarely did in the Bible. God is famously choosing men and women that no one would consider. The smallest, the meekest, the youngest, the unwise, the dirty, the smelliest, the ones hated by society to give His message of love to. Then He gave them what they needed to live, like wisdom, wealth, charm, strength, fighting skills, talents and the list goes on.
So no one will tell me or you ( not so long as I have breath in me) that we cannot worship God in every church in every house. Christians who protest Pride Festivals and the like are NOT Christians because they are not Loving you. Proverbs 20:10 “Diverse weights and diverse measures, They are both alike, an abomination to the Lord” NKJV That means that they have to weigh everything equally as God does, so jerking off to the neighbor girl is abominable, being negative or scorning is abominable and not loving us is the opposite of fulfilling the law in which they are trying to quote. However in the beginning of this article I said to recall the ten commandments, none of them condemn homosexuality. 
Watch me write a book on this, I am currently writing it and looking for an agent who is bold enough to represent such an endeavor. With or without help I am going to spread Jesus into the hearts of every LGBTQ who wants it. Those that don’t, I still love you and hope you support those that do for equality sake. Just as I support you.

With Love
Jeff Utnage, see my profile to get contact info!