Ways To Cheer Yourself Up: Positive Affirmations

1. Self-Talk
2. Set & Accomplish Small Goals
3. Keep Good Hygiene, Take Care Of Yourself
4. Workout
5. Compliment Others Frequently
6. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Boisterous, Be Obnoxious
7. Pray, Meditation
8. Color A Picture (sounds offbeat, but it will distract you and its fun)
9. Listen To Upbeat Music, Nothing Metal Or Slow Or Sad
10. Start Naming All The Good Things In Your Life Out Loud
11. Go For A Drive
12. Do Something Spontaneous, Go Out
When we get into a negative space it can be hard to snap out of it. It is important to allow our feelings to manifest and run their course. At least then they are being expressed and not suppressed. However, when we begin to get depressed we allow ourselves to engage in negative behaviors like over eating, laziness and being rude to others. This further isolates you which perpetuates your downward cycle. 

Often times we resort to drugs or alcohol to immediately end this cycle. Well, these other things are just as effective, if not more so. You just have to practice them and accept that drugs and alcohol aren’t solutions to destressing or long days. 

I want our community to be upbeat and healthy. Full of life and vibrancy. 
How do you de-stress? I want to know because I could always use tips!

With Love
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