Is LGBTQ A Culture?

I think this is a big question. In short, a culture is defined as any group of people who share similar experiences and/or views and/or beliefs. In a nutshell that’s a culture. Its obvious, to me at least, that LGBTQ falls under the category of ‘culture’. But do we see ourselves as a culture? 
This is just me talking for myself here, but I would rather be solely around LGBTQ individuals. I would rather be around my ‘own kind’. In this context, my own culture. I feel the longing of those disconnected from their roots. Like those raised in the South or Russians who reminisce about ‘The Mother Land’. I feel that pull towards what feels like home.
The problem with being defined as a culture is the details. Like what foods are specific to gays? Do we have an LGBTQ dance or ritual? Where do we come from? When we think of our own ‘Mother Land’, where is that? I’ll be honest, I have no gumption to traverse to San Fransisco or Providence. Let’s throw Seattle under the bus here too, I’ve been in and out of Seattle for 20 years and though tolerance of LGBTQ is prominent, its hardly our mecca. 
What I think is beautiful is that we are probably the most recent culture to emerge. Every culture had to be born somewhere. None of them just popped up and said “OK people, let’s create a culture”. They adapted to the environment and thus emerged their “culture”. It took many generations to establish differences that were embraced.
We are the newest and are currently redefining what culture means. Were a new thing, almost less culture and more genetically different. Many of us aren’t results of our environment, were results of our genetic makeup. Forced to adapt to the same environment as those with a different genetic makeup. But even that isn’t quite fair. Even that isn’t a bad thing. LGBTQ comes from straight people. Without it we can’t come forth. So were different entirely. Maybe even anomalies. 
Either way were different and we embrace this difference together. We move forth in the same way as every other person as every other culture. Eventually finding our own ‘mecca’. Even if its just going home, our traversing to the Stonewall Inn or visiting somewhere of great importance to you personally. Just know this, the rest of us are searching for home too. Each of us has a different way of looking. 
I like the idea that we can define ourselves right now and in 20 years be able to see specific events in a history that, for us, is beginning to get rich. We have adversaries who try to eradicate us. As if we had a choice to be here in the first place. I can’t wait to see what’s next. I will post more of this view later.

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469