Inmates Need Help With 2017 LGBTQ Pride Event
Inmates being able to hold a Pride event at all is making history. This is due largely to new administration here at Stafford Creek Correction Center in Aberdeen, WA. 
LGBTQ tolerance here is on the rise as it is being talked about by both inmates and staff alike. With new administration comes new views and ideas. There are some growing pains and not everyone is in favor of LGBTQ acceptance. Some are in fierce opposition. I won’t be attending any church services any time soon, for instance. That’s just one inmate faction, I won’t even touch on staff resistance.
So with this years LGBTQ event coming up later this month its short timing to realistically get everyone involved. However, next year is a different story. We are looking for the following:
1) Guest Speakers; Any topic relating to LGBTQ GQ Q P A I. Either historically, politically, religiously, socially, mentally or other.
2) Materials. We will need art materials to create posters, flyers and the such. Other things are helpful to for arts and crafts, perhaps confetti so we can walk in fairy dust, LOL! Maybe 250 scepters and tiara’s! Anything to make it fun and exciting and expressive!
3) Money. I am going to potentially set up a Go Fund Me account and we will be looking for right around $1000.00 for funding of food and refreshments and material purchasing etc. This will directly to an account managed by DOC and not me directly in any way. Whatever is not used will either be saved for the following year or be used for LGBTQ related projects. It will NOT be wasted.
4). Event planning and ideas. There are many restrictions, but that doesn’t mean no fun. This will the first time many of us have attended any type of Pride oriented event and we are all very excited about it. We want it to be amazing!

In addition to the event we will also be having an LGBTQ Peer Support Group soon. Although we currently have a temporary staff sponsor I am seeking a more permanent outside volunteer to come in and take part in this. The aim of the group is go provide peer support in coping with our incarceration and our unique challenges as LGBTQ men and women. The ultimate goal is to end recidivism among the LGBTQ group which means tackling tough problems frequently. What you need? A heart and nonjudgmental attitude. That’s about it. A clean record and a willingness to come in weekly. 

Thank you for reading! To get involved in any way or to give advice, feedback or ideas please send an email to [email protected] and the operator of this site ( Valerie Utnage ) will respond with details and the “how To’s”

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469