Hot Man
Hot man, your something new
Explore your body, honey, you just don’t know
The sparks from my eyes meeting your thighs lights me on fire
Tear me up boy!
Sink your flesh into…
Take me home, our bodies are a tangled mess
Hot man, the things I’m gonna do to you
I’d tell you what’s on my mind
Grip my waist, let me know your strength
Pull my hair, I’ll bite back because all is at stake
Mm-hmm, hot man, teach your class
I’ll try and listen
But its not what I’m retaining
Right now I’m a criminal holding your scent hostage
I’ll show you my good side
Just turn around one more time
But this time slower
Hot man, yes you with the curls
Skin tight jeans, butt tight as a drum
Private lessons is what I need
I have been deprived for far too long
I need a hot man to show me right from wrong
Throw me against the wall, caress my flesh
Let me finally breath heavily
Leave me breathless
Hot man, leave me a tangled mess on your bed
Just take me
Hot man, I enjoy this.

Jeff Utnage 823469

This is a poem inspired, its very difficult to express myself in here. When I do, it leaves me in strange places. I very rarely have the chance to say someone is just flat out gorgeous. Almost never can I speak of another man openly. My whole life has been hiding such things. 
Thanks for reading, this was a little spicy, but, even God can appreciate a man and his crush, lol!