Mixing LGBTQ With Everyday Life
I have this fantasy ingrained in my mind that one day we will accepted as regular people. As of right now we are definitely not. We are merely tolerated because many people don’t care to fight. There are places where there is general acceptance. But there are also places where they will kill you for being gay.
I know that revolution is happening all over the world. Russia, Israel, Turkey Sudan…to name a few. In the United States there are some places still hostile towards LGBTQ but its more annoyance then physical danger. I know there are places that will flat out kill you, or deem you a national security threat and imprison you forever and a day.
I do find it somewhat comforting that no matter where you go, homosexuality and transgender ism is alive and well. Strangely enough we mostly have the same mannerisms no matter what continent you hail from. No matter the customs you were taught or the culture in which you were born into. Generally speaking we have many similarities that unite us. For instance, dressing in drag. Not just in America, all over the world. Our masculinity is typically less traditional and let’s keep it real, who wouldn’t want a pretty pink piece of clothing to wear? 
I also like the idea that we are as diverse as the colors. We are masculine and feminine. We are construction workers and barista’s. We are farmers and politicians, smart and dull. We have no limits. We are soldiers, fighters, warriors; we are leaders. We are unitedly declaring our place in this world and some of you are dying for it. I heard in the news a while back that Middle Eastern bloggers are being targeted for promoting LGBTQ equality. For those of you who don’t know terror cells are hunting these guys down, posing as delivery persons and then brutally dismembering them for promoting LGBTQ equality. Yet they bravely keep going.
My own personal struggle has not seen such fear, however, for those that can’t say it I will, thank you. The world is watching.
I hope that one day we are just as accepted as women wearing dresses or having short hair. Maybe even have our own city, or country! Who knows! Some place safe, wherever it is. There is a long road ahead of us and it isn’t as dramatic here in America but it is still one of many fronts where the equality war is being waged. Not just for LGBTQ but for ethnic equality as well. 

Stay strong. 
With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469