“I don’t have the DNA for owning my own business, its just not in me”. How sad is that? Someone who has just given up. I don’t like that. 
It got me thinking about my own aspirations and goals. Things which are well within my grasp. Things like I want to be a waiter, ooh! Big dreamer, I know. But in addition to that I also want to get into the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery, while I’m still alive. Neither of those is my own personal achievement “cap”. I’d say that a life achievement that I want is to inspire millions or more. Not because I’m special and have some knowledge that no one else has. No I’d say I’m fairly unspectacular. But I want to be remembered as someone who inspired others every single moment of their lives. 
So when someone says “its not in me”. I take that as a very direct challenge. Its almost like they’re taunting me to start edifying them. I want to reach out to people and hug them, then start telling them what it is that I see. The potential I recognize. Then show them how to nurture that in themselves. Some people are convinced that in order to be highly successful you have to be born into it, come from a long lineage of overachieving men or stumble on some crazy amount of money. I’d say that’s a smooth tactic to remove weaker adversaries. Challenge accepted. If you stop trying then you are no longer a competitor, at that point psychology has defeated you. Well, I got a fix for that. You have any idea how much hate and “you can’t do that” or “that’s impossible” I’ve heard!? No seriously, someone told me that LGBTQ was never going to be recognized in DOC as a culture or celebrated. Well guess h
what, 2016 marks the first year that LGBTQ is being recognized as a culture to be celebrated! The impossible happens by those who believe its possible. A quote I’ve seen, here in prison is:
“Don’t tell me the skies the limit when there is footprints on the moon”
Take that to heart, make it a mantra. Whenever someone tells you what your doing is impossible, it is for them, but not for you. For you it is highly possible. So thank them and move on with you goal. Never let anyone tell you that YOU can’t. Screw them, you can. Dream daily, in detail and enormity. The more detailed you dream the realistic it becomes.
I hear all day long that because I am a felon and I’m this and that how tough life is going to be for me. Cool, thanks for the vote of confidence. Challenge accepted. I will accomplish my goals, every one of them. If I come short, then you know what, I still made it farther then most. So maybe I won’t help trillions of people, maybe it will only be thousands, or six. Either way, I didn’t waste my effort. Efforts free and I’m using the crap out of it. Its unlimited and it leads to “I did it”.

With Love dears! Dream super big, all the time and go after it doggedly.

Jeff Utnage 823469