The Smell Of Men: Stupid Pheromones!   by Jeff aka Ruthie Utnage

I remember when I was still closeted seeing a Craigslist ad that was asking for a “Musky Man”. It sounded strange to me, the word musk doesn’t exactly conjure up imagery that delights the imagination. Well, until I learned what that was.

Ladies, did you know that men’s sweat contain pheromones that attract us? For women, pheromones are in urine, for men its in sweat. That’s why we don’t mind wearing our man’s sweatshirt, it smells good on a primal level, literally.

If I ever doubted that I was born liking men…goodness gracious!

Walk into a gym and have to fan myself before I even start working out.

Stupid pheromones…

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruthie Utnage