10 Steps To Rehabilitate While Incarcerated    by   Ruth Utnage

Incarceration is supposed to foster change, typically it fosters violence instead. So how does one positively and pro socially change in an environment that generates negative and anti-social humans? Below you will find how me and the people I associate with defy the odds.

1. Avoid the negative influences

2. No gangs

Contrary to popular belief we do not have to be a gang member. We don’t have to find the biggest guy on the yard and win, lose, or draw fight him. That’s some nonsense that someone full of fear perpetuated and then television glamorized, we don’t do it.

3. No drugs, no gambling!

4. Don’t fight. Period. Don’t do it.

5. Make a pre-release plan and a goal plan ASAP.

6. Take every program you can.

7. Stay busy.

8. Love. No need to lose our humanity.

9. No racism, don’t be racist.

10. Encourage, encourage, encourage

No matter what, we encourage everyone to be better people. We believe in the power of encouragement and what wonders it can do.

You want to change yourself and others, encourage them.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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