Leaving Prison As A Trans Woman   by   Ruth Utnage

I wish there was a blog post or instruction manual I could read that tells me how to do this effectively. I have been able to see several successful people leave prison and become wildly successful and one of my new favorite hobbies is to witness someone previously incarcerated grind their way right into their dreams, something I’m witnessing weekly. But not a trans person.

I know a few social activists, which is great, but limited. Social activism ebbs and flows in flavors and popularity, which means their contact with me ebbs and flows and this trans woman becomes some social activists latest flavor, but like everything else they attach to I “lose my newness” and they stop contacting me leaving me just as marginalized as before they graced me with their “write a prisoner workshops” that make them feel great but leave me feeling very empty. Of course, if I say that I’m ungrateful. (it’s OK, I’ve been a lot worse…lol)

But now I have to focus on navigating a world I’ve been disconnected from for over a decade, as a woman and a trans pre-op woman at that. While I’m not going to walk around shoving my trans-ness into people’s faces, I certainly have to be realistic about the fact that I am different and I don’t want to be someones novelty that makes them successful while I remain…novelty.

Anyone willing to mentor me?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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